Thursday, 30 January 2014

°~ A Tea During The Belle Epoque ~°

Hello everybody !

Sorry for the delay, I was very busy last week !

There was a national Swiss meeting with Sous-sol des Saccharine (SsdS) last Saturday !
It was set in Kandersteg, a nice snowy village in Bern. For 4 years now, Kandersteg returns in Belle Epoque (1900-1910) during the last week of January !

Mara reserved an English tea with fashion show in a 4-stars hostel, just like last year ! It was one of the best meeting I had, so I can't miss it this year neither ! :D

Our group in the Swiss Alps (without the late people) !

Time Machine

I am not into historical reenactment, but I didn't want to do a completely off-topic coordination. Last year, I tried a Classic look, inspired by nature in Winter.
Thanks to Mara for this little collage of us ! We almost did the same pose without noticing,ahah !
This time, I decided to wear Steampunk Lolita, a style that makes me dream. And what's better than dream to make you travel trough time and space ?

Until Bern, I was alone, but I join the others in the regional train. The ascent to Kandersteg is very smooth and long (1 hour). We had a splendid view on the lake of Thun and the white Bernese Alps !

The era of the extravagant hats

Mara welcomed us in Kandersteg. The Sun was behind the mountains, so until it came out, we decided to visit a little exhibition of hats. It was held by a hat's artisan. As you can see, most of them were already gone ! They were fabulous, like the boxes !

In 1900, a lady must wear a hat in any circumstances, even inside. Those years were dangerous for the birds, because one hunted them to decorate the hats of the women. Some species even almost disappeared. =(

Mountains, snow and Sun

Kandersteg was a very famous traveling places for English Aristocrat in Belle Epoque. When you see the snow sparkling and the original shape of the mountains, you can easily understand why !
While we were waiting for some late people, we did a little photoshooting in this postal card landscape !

Outfit Rundown

Skirt : Infanta
Blouse : Dear Celine
Hat & Tights : Off-brand
Rings & Pendent : Claire's
Broach : Handmade by me

Like in Belle Epoque

The activity that Mara booked cost 30 CHF. But there are other ways to have fun during Belle Epoque's Week ! In front of the train station, you can skate, play hockey or try old-style curling on a frozen lake for 5 CHF.

From the station and for 10 CHF, it is possible to take a tour around the village in a horse carriage. We wished we could do it, but there were too much people ! Maybe next year !

Apart from those activities, you can go skiing (with wood-made skis) or do the race on wooden luges. Or if you want to feel aristocratic, you can book a night in a hostel, have a delicious meal, learn to dance like in 1900 and ice skate at evening under the candles light.

Finally, you can go for modern activites, like cross-country ski, paraglinding or just wander around the village to admire the costumes of the visitors.

English high tea

When the last people joined us, we came to the Waldhotel at 20min. walking from the station. On the way, we stopped by a cute accessories shop and encounter people wearing 1900's style !
Yume and her daughter found another Lady in red ! :)
We arrived early, so we had the time to warm ourself in front of a chimney fire.
At 15:30, a maid showed us our round table. When the Darjeeling tea was served, we enjoyed the delicious pastries. In the room next to us, an orchestra was playing music of Belle Epoque.

During our tea time, a fashion show was set. But it wasn't very interesting for us (real fur). The next one was way better, because it was a contest open to all. We had to vote for the most beautiful hat of the week ! Certain creations were really fantastic !

Yummy ! And you didn't see the sweet ones yet !

See you next year, Kandersteg !

I have found a matching gentleman ! =D
We went out of the hostel before the evening. Outside, there were magical colors in the sky. For me, Kandersteg is one of the best Swiss Lolita meeting you can do. I would like to thank Mara again for the organization ! Pure air, joy, snow, mountains, English tea, elegant skirts... There're a lot of reasons to return ton Kandersteg next year !
I hope you enjoyed this little summary ! Thank you for reading and see you soon !

Pyl ~

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

°~ "Lost in Sea Blue" : Jellyfish and... frog ! ~°

Hello ! Does everybody had a nice weekend ? =)

Since I'm into Lolita, the postman magically transformed into Santa ! I'm so impatient to receive my parcel !

This week, I came to pick my JSK "Lost in Sea Blue" and its matching headdress from the Chinese brand "Krad Lanrete". I didn't have the chance to order the wristcuffs unfortunately.
The big jellyfish of the print immediately seduced me, as I am fascinated by those delicate animals !

The complet "Lost in Sea Blue" collection :
2 colors (baby blue or marine blue), 2 forms (OP or JSK),
2 lengths (normal or long)
1 blouse and 2 accessories (headdress and wristcuffs).

Usually, I prefer to wear cotton pieces, even synthetic's folds look different. Even so, I couldn't resist to the giant jellyfish print and to the babydoll form ! I didn't regret it : the quality is great !

Here is a review of my new acquisition !

1) The print

This collection comes only in a long version (below the knees). The print is very lyrical : a dancing jellyfish above the Moon.

The printing is very well done and I was nicely surprised !

 The blues are well-contrasted. The fabric is soft and, I think, of good quality.

Another great detail : the stars are silver and bright ! The fine clear blue lines underline the folds of the JSK.

 The secondary drawings look different and a little bit cartoonish. There is a whale springing out of the waves, a mysterious koï in Japaneses style clouds and even a fish with a hand on the right ! xD

Speaking of strange elements, can someone tell me why there is frog ?!  Amphibians cannot survive in salted water ! The nature lover I am was very amused by its presence ! Also, some drops seem to transform into fishes. It reminds me of "Ponyo on a Cliff" !

This print makes me dream, but I didn't expect it would make me laugh too ! =D

2) The Jumperskirt

Now, let's see the jumperskirt ! It comes with a replacement star and some thread.

Behind, there is a shirring hidden by a lacing. There are also two threads to make a space that you can remove thanks to the buttons.

The inside is lined. The zip is on the left side and there is a hook at the top.

The jewels are absolutely great ! They are made of polished metal and it makes them look pearly. The brand's name is engraved inside of the moon.

3) The headdress

Let's see the headdress now ! It is composed by two pieces : a bow and a veil with silver stars.

You can remove the veil thanks to two buttons behind.

When alone, the veil is quite transparent. The lace reminds of fishes' scales or of the waves. It's the same as the one on the skirt.

The little metal jewel is the emblem of "Krad Lanrete", an hour glass. Again, you can see that the stars are painted in silver.

4) Verdict

I love it ! I thought I made a  mistake by ordering this JSK too rapidly, and because it was made of synthetic fabric. But it wasn't !
The print is not only wonderful, but also well-done. The composition is balanced, and its fantasy amuses me a lot !

There a lot of details and that's great ! The little jewel are made of metal and carved with a lot of care. The sewing are impeccable and the fabric is soft. I think I won't get tired of this JSK before a long, long time ! All I need to do now is to wear it ! =D

I hope you liked this article and that it helped you to judge the quality of "Lost in Blue Sea" from "Krad Lanrete".  To conclude, I recommend you this fabulous book to you. Now, you know why I really need this skirt, eheh ! ^__^

Thank you for visiting my blog ! Please, don't hesitate to leave a comment ! See you soon !

Pyl ~

Sunday, 12 January 2014

°~ Morning Mug Cake ! ~°

Hello there !
Today is Sunday ! It's the perfect moment to treat yourself a sweet breakfast ! How about a mug cake ?

It's the new pastry trend of the moment ! After several hesitations, I bought a book about it and I finally tried to cook one ! Trough this article, I propose you to follow the preparation of a coconut mug cake with chocolate sauce ! ;-)

My first book about mug cakes.
Click here to go to the editor's website.

What is a mug cake ?

It's a cake that is made and baked inside of a microwave-resistant mug. It's full of advantages :
+ Easy to make : For the people who doesn't like to use scales like me, it's perfect ! You just need some spoons ! To mix the ingredients, just use a fork !
+ Fast : 5-10 minutes of preparation and 1min.20 of baking in the micro-wave. Can you do better ? Perfect for the breakfast and to amaze your friends !
+ Hot : A warm cake in the morning with your tea (or your coffee), isn't that divine ?

However, nothing's perfect and here are some micro-(wave) inconveniences :
- Substitute : It doesn't replace a real cake baked in an oven, but it's still good. Also, if you don't like the micro-wave, mug cakes aren't for you.
- Eat it straight away : If not, the mug cake will become dry and hard. Also, you can't preserve it.
- Cleaning : Don't forget to put some (hot) water inside the mug after you finish your cake. Even better, wash it immediately. Or it could be a little bit difficult later (because of the egg).

Follow the Tea Rabbit !

Here, I will give you some advises that you may not find in a book and hope that my step-to-step will encourage you to try mug cakes too ! ^___^
Let's go for a coconut and chocolate mug cake ! ^o^

The ingredients and the tools !
Put the egg in the mug, add sugar (2 spoons) and vanilla sugar (1/2 spoon). I use level spoonfuls. Mix with a fork or a mini-whisk.
Then, add some cream or some milk (2 spoons).
I add the flour little by little, so there won't be lumps (6 spoons). Don't forget the baking powder (1/2 teaspoon).
Then add some oil or some melted butter (1cm butter or 2 spoons oil), and finally the coconut (4 spoons).
The consistency of the pastry should be creamy. If it's too thick, add some milk.
To do the chocolate sauce, I put a little bit of milk in the microwave a few seconds until it boils. Then, I immediately add the chocolate I chopped before.
Mix with a teaspoon ! To have the right consistency, it is easier to add chocolate than liquid.
For the mug cake, put it for less than 2 min. in the microwaves. I take it out when I see the cake goes over the mug.
Coat the cake with the chocolate sauce, add some coconut and/or decoration !
Enjoy it immediatley ! Personally, I can't finish a mug cake all by myself, so I like to share it with my lover ^__^ !
Bon appétit !

Conclusion & Tips ~

Mug cakes are perfect for a Sunday morning, especially to impress your better half ! It's easy and fast to make, freshly baked and warm. It's a also a nice activity to do with your friends or the children.
To obtain a soft mug cake, be careful to have a quite liquid mix, otherwise, the cake will be hard like a rock and not good. 
Now, it's your turn to try ! ^w^
If you liked this article, please share it and/or comment it ! Thank you and see you soon !

Pyl ~