Friday, 3 January 2014

°~ About Pyl ~°

Photo by Horizons Photo | Lucien Kolly

Introduce yourself, please !

Hi everybody ! ^__^

I'm Pyl and I live in the French-speaking part of Switzerland ! Curious and enthusiastic, I'm a nature lover and also a fan of alternative fashion !

This blog is dedicated to my passion for the Japanese Lolita fashion !

What is Lolita Fashion ?

Lolita is a Japanese fashion, born around the 80-90's. But it's freely inspired by European trends (French Rococo and English Victorian Style). There're a lot of substyles and this is why it makes Lolita so interesting to me ! [More explanations soon ! ;)]

For how long have you been into Lolita ?

I discovered Lolita fashion near 2006, but I was really into it only since 2011.
It's my adorable friend Arisa who motivates me to create a blog. Please, visit her "Lovely Pumpkin Pie" universe ! Also, I would like to share my passion with Lolitas from all around the world ! :)

Japanese Lolitas

What are the subjects of your blog ?

I will write about Lolita, of course ! Not only about the basis and the novelties, but also about my own vision of this magical world, the events I attended at my local community and random lifestyle subjects ! You'll see ! ;-)

N.B. : I write in English, but I may commit some grammar's/tenses' mistakes, as I only learnt it briefly at school ! My apologies !
You can switch to French by clicking the tabs "°~ French Version ~°" !

What on earth is that title ?!

Translated from French, it means "A Rabbit in the Tea". I imagine a little bunny enjoying a warm bathe in a cup of tea (I let you choose the flavour =D) ! It sounds weird, but I like it ! xD

For the subtitle, it comes from a French essay that underlines the minimisized role of fashion in history. I chose to use this expression, because I think your look can influence the way you act and feel.

Click here for more informations about this book !

Anything else ?

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and find it useful if you are a novice in Lolita ! Please, feel free to comment, it encourages me !
Have a nice visit ! ^___^

Pyl ~


  1. Wouhaaaaa ! That's really cute and lovely like you~
    Thank you so much for mentioning me and my new blog (^w^)
    I'm looking foward to seeing your next post !

    1. Thank you very much, my dear ! In 8 hours, it will be your turn ! Can't wait to read you, my cutie pie ! ^__^

  2. Hey Pyl! It's nice meeting you in the blogging realm! I like the name of your blog a lot and am looking forward to reading more of you!
    byebye, neko (

  3. Nekoooo ! ^o^/ Wah, I'm honored by your visit ! -^.^- Thank you very much for your encouraging message, it touches me a lot :) See you soon !