Tuesday, 21 January 2014

°~ "Lost in Sea Blue" : Jellyfish and... frog ! ~°

Hello ! Does everybody had a nice weekend ? =)

Since I'm into Lolita, the postman magically transformed into Santa ! I'm so impatient to receive my parcel !

This week, I came to pick my JSK "Lost in Sea Blue" and its matching headdress from the Chinese brand "Krad Lanrete". I didn't have the chance to order the wristcuffs unfortunately.
The big jellyfish of the print immediately seduced me, as I am fascinated by those delicate animals !

The complet "Lost in Sea Blue" collection :
2 colors (baby blue or marine blue), 2 forms (OP or JSK),
2 lengths (normal or long)
1 blouse and 2 accessories (headdress and wristcuffs).

Usually, I prefer to wear cotton pieces, even synthetic's folds look different. Even so, I couldn't resist to the giant jellyfish print and to the babydoll form ! I didn't regret it : the quality is great !

Here is a review of my new acquisition !

1) The print

This collection comes only in a long version (below the knees). The print is very lyrical : a dancing jellyfish above the Moon.

The printing is very well done and I was nicely surprised !

 The blues are well-contrasted. The fabric is soft and, I think, of good quality.

Another great detail : the stars are silver and bright ! The fine clear blue lines underline the folds of the JSK.

 The secondary drawings look different and a little bit cartoonish. There is a whale springing out of the waves, a mysterious koï in Japaneses style clouds and even a fish with a hand on the right ! xD

Speaking of strange elements, can someone tell me why there is frog ?!  Amphibians cannot survive in salted water ! The nature lover I am was very amused by its presence ! Also, some drops seem to transform into fishes. It reminds me of "Ponyo on a Cliff" !

This print makes me dream, but I didn't expect it would make me laugh too ! =D

2) The Jumperskirt

Now, let's see the jumperskirt ! It comes with a replacement star and some thread.

Behind, there is a shirring hidden by a lacing. There are also two threads to make a space that you can remove thanks to the buttons.

The inside is lined. The zip is on the left side and there is a hook at the top.

The jewels are absolutely great ! They are made of polished metal and it makes them look pearly. The brand's name is engraved inside of the moon.

3) The headdress

Let's see the headdress now ! It is composed by two pieces : a bow and a veil with silver stars.

You can remove the veil thanks to two buttons behind.

When alone, the veil is quite transparent. The lace reminds of fishes' scales or of the waves. It's the same as the one on the skirt.

The little metal jewel is the emblem of "Krad Lanrete", an hour glass. Again, you can see that the stars are painted in silver.

4) Verdict

I love it ! I thought I made a  mistake by ordering this JSK too rapidly, and because it was made of synthetic fabric. But it wasn't !
The print is not only wonderful, but also well-done. The composition is balanced, and its fantasy amuses me a lot !

There a lot of details and that's great ! The little jewel are made of metal and carved with a lot of care. The sewing are impeccable and the fabric is soft. I think I won't get tired of this JSK before a long, long time ! All I need to do now is to wear it ! =D

I hope you liked this article and that it helped you to judge the quality of "Lost in Blue Sea" from "Krad Lanrete".  To conclude, I recommend you this fabulous book to you. Now, you know why I really need this skirt, eheh ! ^__^

Thank you for visiting my blog ! Please, don't hesitate to leave a comment ! See you soon !

Pyl ~


  1. Well, it looks amazing ! I like it ! VB

    1. I hope I can wear it soon, but the zip broke the 2nd time I tried it... Plus, I don't own a long petticoat, I need to buy one soon ! :/

  2. J'aime beaucoup le mélange entre références célestes et aquatiques, ce sont de très belles pièces !

    1. Sans oublier le côté "musique et danse" des petites notes de musiques qui sautillent par-ci par là et le ballet aquatique des animaux ! ;-) D'ailleurs, les méduses me font toujours penser à des danseuses en robes de mousseline, pas toi ? =)
      Merci pour ton passage, ça me fait très plaisir !