Sunday, 12 January 2014

°~ Morning Mug Cake ! ~°

Hello there !
Today is Sunday ! It's the perfect moment to treat yourself a sweet breakfast ! How about a mug cake ?

It's the new pastry trend of the moment ! After several hesitations, I bought a book about it and I finally tried to cook one ! Trough this article, I propose you to follow the preparation of a coconut mug cake with chocolate sauce ! ;-)

My first book about mug cakes.
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What is a mug cake ?

It's a cake that is made and baked inside of a microwave-resistant mug. It's full of advantages :
+ Easy to make : For the people who doesn't like to use scales like me, it's perfect ! You just need some spoons ! To mix the ingredients, just use a fork !
+ Fast : 5-10 minutes of preparation and 1min.20 of baking in the micro-wave. Can you do better ? Perfect for the breakfast and to amaze your friends !
+ Hot : A warm cake in the morning with your tea (or your coffee), isn't that divine ?

However, nothing's perfect and here are some micro-(wave) inconveniences :
- Substitute : It doesn't replace a real cake baked in an oven, but it's still good. Also, if you don't like the micro-wave, mug cakes aren't for you.
- Eat it straight away : If not, the mug cake will become dry and hard. Also, you can't preserve it.
- Cleaning : Don't forget to put some (hot) water inside the mug after you finish your cake. Even better, wash it immediately. Or it could be a little bit difficult later (because of the egg).

Follow the Tea Rabbit !

Here, I will give you some advises that you may not find in a book and hope that my step-to-step will encourage you to try mug cakes too ! ^___^
Let's go for a coconut and chocolate mug cake ! ^o^

The ingredients and the tools !
Put the egg in the mug, add sugar (2 spoons) and vanilla sugar (1/2 spoon). I use level spoonfuls. Mix with a fork or a mini-whisk.
Then, add some cream or some milk (2 spoons).
I add the flour little by little, so there won't be lumps (6 spoons). Don't forget the baking powder (1/2 teaspoon).
Then add some oil or some melted butter (1cm butter or 2 spoons oil), and finally the coconut (4 spoons).
The consistency of the pastry should be creamy. If it's too thick, add some milk.
To do the chocolate sauce, I put a little bit of milk in the microwave a few seconds until it boils. Then, I immediately add the chocolate I chopped before.
Mix with a teaspoon ! To have the right consistency, it is easier to add chocolate than liquid.
For the mug cake, put it for less than 2 min. in the microwaves. I take it out when I see the cake goes over the mug.
Coat the cake with the chocolate sauce, add some coconut and/or decoration !
Enjoy it immediatley ! Personally, I can't finish a mug cake all by myself, so I like to share it with my lover ^__^ !
Bon appétit !

Conclusion & Tips ~

Mug cakes are perfect for a Sunday morning, especially to impress your better half ! It's easy and fast to make, freshly baked and warm. It's a also a nice activity to do with your friends or the children.
To obtain a soft mug cake, be careful to have a quite liquid mix, otherwise, the cake will be hard like a rock and not good. 
Now, it's your turn to try ! ^w^
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Pyl ~


  1. Wow, this is amazing and super cute! Definitely going to try it :)

    1. Yay, I'm glad that my post make you interested by mug cakes ! :D Don't hesitate to show me your version, I'd love to see it ! :D