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°~ Reflections of the Past I : A Princess' Visit ~°

Hi there !

For the first "Reflections of the Past", I would like to begin a photo-shooting done by the amazing Horizons Photos | Lucien Kolly !

It was during a meeting on the 24th March 2013 (Sunday).

We went to the re-opening party of the Castle of Prangins and its museums. They were XVIIIe fashion shows, a big organic market, musicians playing old instruments and dancing performances. At last, but  not least, a guided tour by the Baron of Prangins himself (of course, it was an actor, but he was awesome) ! 

For the theme, we could inspire ourself with "royalty" and "XVIIIe" for example. As habit with our group, this was facultative. The most important was to wear Lolita style. Some of the people went home before the shooting, unfortunately. But we had a lot of amusements together ! ^o^ 

Here are my favourite images of the day !

The new permanent exhibition of the Castle/Museum of Prangins : "Noblesse oblige !".
Here is the dining room, with a view "en enfilade" to the reception room.
There were too much people, so we did the photo-shooting outside.
(Source of the photo and article from "Le Temps")

Outfit Rundown

Jumperskirt : "Night Fairy Fantasia" from Alice & the Pirates
Blouse : Alice & the Pirates
Overknees & Chain : Putumayo
Broach : Atelier P-i-n-k-y
Crown : Handmade by me

Photos by Horizons Photos | Lucien Kolly

His website :

All the photos in this article are copyrighted © Lucien Kolly. They can't be used without the excplicit permission of the author. Thanks.

If you have questions regarding the accessories, juste leave a comment and I will reply you in details ;) !
Thank you for your reading ! I hope you like my coordination and the photos Lucien did ! 
See you soon !

Pyl ~

Reflections of the Past

Under this tag, I will put past photo-shootings, and coordinations I've made a certain time ago. At the end of those articles, you will find a few informations about the photographer and/or the outfit I wore.

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