Saturday, 22 February 2014

°~ My Lolita Clichés ~°

Hello everybody !
Sorry for the late udapte ! I am sick, but I will be fine soon ! =) How about you ?

On Lolita's blogs, maybe you have seen the "52 Lolita Challenge".  I decided to pick the theme "Lolita clichés" from this quizz ! The stereotypes I choose are not always true, please don't mind !

Here are 5 points in how I fit the clichés and 5 points in how I don't fit them ;-)

°~ My 5 Lolita Clichés ~°

1) Tea !

I love tea and infusions. Originated from Hong Kong, I am used to drink hot beverages, even in Summer and at anytime. However, I am not a tea specialist : I can content myself with a simple teabag bought in any supermarket. But if I receive a tea of excellence, I'm always pleased and I will prepare it with the greatest care !

2) Sugar, sweet sugar !

I have a sweet tooth. Chocolate, sweets, pastries, everything is ok ! Maybe that's why I like Sweet Lolita ? ;)
There's nothing better than a tea time with a nice cupcake ! As a Swiss, milk chocolate is one of my favorite pleasure !
Cocoa is also know as "food of the gods". I agree !

3) Reading

If you ask me how I see the perfect "Classic Lolita", I always imagine a girl in a wonderful old library, dreaming comfortably in a big chair.
Reading is something very important to me. Thanks to it, I was able to learn French (my parents don't speak it).
Reading is like traveling without moving from your home. It's transforming the letters into images thanks to your imagination. Reading is the way to learn at your own pace. Reading makes you free and makes you able to comprehend and love our world.
That's why it became my job : I am librarian 8-) !
Lolita and books : win !

4) Manga

Not all the Lolita like mangas. But I do. When I was young, I watched DBZ and City Hunter in Cantonese version, sent by my uncles. My first Miyazaki were in Vietnamese, lent by my aunt.
Then, I watched the French TV show Club Dorothée. Finally, I bought my first paper manga when I was a teenager : Fruits Basket.
I like all kind of mangas and like to read different things according to my mood. Currently, I often go to the library and ask my friends to lend me their books. I only buy the one I really loved, because I don't have enough place !
Fruits Basket is one of my favorite manga. There are different reading levels, but the most important message is how links between people are important. And how love can helps you to heal your wounds.
Here is the cute Kisa in a more or less Lolita style !

5) Animals

Cute rabbits and adorable teddy bears are often seen on Sweet Lolita's prints. So, I think it can be a cliché (it's mainly because I don't have ideas left). I love nature since always. I like the animals and the bounds between all the creatures. I like to read about new species and about new discoveries in ethology.
Now, I have two female pet rats and a turtle. Later, I hope I can live with a dog.
Mummy elephant-shrew and her baby in the Zoo of Basel. It's not a rodent, but a special mammal !
Maybe a biology geek will do a Lolita print of it one day ?! :P

°~ My 5 anti-clichés Lolita ~°

1) Alice in Horrorland

I never liked Alice in Wonderland. I was traumatized by the Disney movie. Where are the "wonders" they talked about ?! In the video, I only saw a lost Alice in a disturbing land. She had to take the tea with some stupid guys. And at the end, some cards want to cut her head down ! Why "wonderland" ?!
At least, with the video game Alice madness, you know what awaits you !
However, Alice is everywhere in Lolita. And I must admit my fav Sweet Lolita dress is "Wonder Cookie" from "Angelic Pretty". One of my fav manga is "Pandora Hearts" and it is inspired by this tale. Finally, maybe I don't hate Alice that much. But I won't become a fan like most of the Lolitas.

2) Sewing

Almost all the Lolitas will try this manual and creative activity once. Some will even make their own dresses ! I respect those people and I envy them sometimes.
But of that I'm sure : I DON'T like to sew. We had some hours of sewing at school, but it was like hell for me. When we were allowed to choose "woodwork", I immediately switched !
Teenager, I began cosplay and I tought I will learn to enjoy sewing. It did not work. I stopped cosplay after 5 costumes.
I do have some Lolita handmade pieces, but it took me so much time and energy ! Sewing is definitively not my cup of tea.
'Guess those cats can sew better than me !

3) Rococo

Even this artistic movement inspired Sweet Lolita, it didn't speak to me during my few hours of history of art lessons. Generally, I find Rococo too kitsch and overloaded. For the same reasons, dresses with plenty of frills and imposing silhouettes don't attract me. But of course, I can still appreciate some works !
The Swing by Fragonard. Makes me smile ! Naughty Rococo !

4) Brocantes

You want to customize your coordination ? You like Classic and real stuff ? Go to the brocantes ! It's cheap, it's authentic. But I don't have any pleasure to search around old blouses that belonged to strangers and I hate bargaining. I let the treasures to the passionate people ^^'
You can find nice things, really. But you have to find them !

5) You s%T*&"" !!!

I swear. A lot. But less since I worked in a school library (you must be an example for the youngs). It's not very elegant and it's worse when you are wearing Lolita. I try hard to restrain my bad habits ! Lolita or not, girl or guy, it is not very cool to say "F.... !" at every line.
Exactly !

Now you know my little clichés ! And you, what are yours ? Please tell me by commenting ! :D

See you soon !

Pyl ~


  1. Hihihi..this is a fun topic! :D

    I also swear alot, well maybe not as much because I have a daughter, but she does hear me saying loads of finnish words, have told her that they are bad words and children should not use them. Mommy is bad girl for saying them. x)
    It's not really nice for lolitas, but we are human too. In Hello Con backstage the people were not all so elegant, we had a great laugh about it, how we talked and acted, not so ladylike..but when out in public, need to be a bit more together. ^__^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Eheh, thank you ! :D

      Lol, "mommy is a bad girl for saying them" xD ! When she will begin to swear, beware of the "But you did that all the time !" :P

      Yes, we're human, fortunately ! I just think it is not necessary to swear all the time. Or maybe should we use funny swearings, old sentences, it is funnier (and the children like that ! xD)

      Ahaha, I have a Sweet Lolita friend who swear a loooooot, but she did that in purpose, it's hilarous :D