Sunday, 2 February 2014

°~ Reflections of the Past II : Dark Flowers ~°

Hello ! =) Ready for a brand new week ?

For the 2nd "Reflections of the Past", here are one of my favorite Lolita shooting. Maybe you have recognized Horizon Photos' style !

This shooting was totally improvised !
It was very windy, so we did it rapidly. Even so, I'm amazed by the result, and my friends love this serie too ! Thank you Lucien ! :3 I let you discover the images !

Outfit Rundown

Bustier dress & headdress : Bodyline
Overknees & chocker : Claire's
Wristcuffs : Anna House
Broach : Atelier P-i-n-k-y
Rose : H&M

Photograph : Horizon Photos | Lucien kolly


All the photographies in this article are copyrighted © Lucien Kolly. Please do not use without the explicit permission of the autor. Thanks.

Thank you for takin a look ! See you later !

Pyl ~

Reflections of the Past

Under this tag, I will put past photo-shootings, and coordinations I've made a certain time ago. At the end of those articles, you will find a few informations about the photographer and/or the outfit I wore.


  1. You're gorgeous <3
    I really love how Horizon Photos processes his pictures, you can feel what the model feels, that's amazing. I hope I'll see more of his work ! ;D

    1. Thank you my dear *w*
      Eheh, next could be ours, maybe ! ;D

  2. Woah! <3
    You're really gorgeus dear! I love the photography, the feeling in the pictures is lovely, but still mysterious. :D

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Oooh thank you very much ^__^ I like how my photographer played with the colors. Indeed, it feels quite mysterious ^__^