Thursday, 6 March 2014

°~ Exhibition : "Dress Code" ~°

Hello friends ! How are you ?

On Sunday 22nd February, we had a meeting organized by Noble and by myself for SsdS, the Swiss Lolita Community. Both of us wanted to go to see the exhibition "Dress Code" by the Musée d'Arts et d'Histoire de Fribourg.
Wanted some blue this day ~
"Dress Code" presents the fashions from 1500 to 1800 trough real costumes of Fribourg. There was a 2nd part at the Musée Gurérien de Bulle. Here, you can see clothes from 1800 to 1930.
Nice patterns.

We just went to the first exhibition. Read more about our little travel in time and discover the fashion of the ancient Fribourg ! :D
We were a tiny group : a lot of people canceled at the last minute.
It was our first time in this museum. When we wanted to pay our entrance, the nice cashier tought we were the actors for tonight's show ! xD
The exhibition was vast : 3 floors ! We were surprised, because the first room was already very big and well-done !
A Fribourg's cape
The "châtelaine" allows to have some accessories near your hand. They exist since the end of XIVe, but the word only appears in 1820.

The light was soft to preserve the costumes and it wasn't easy to take photos. Short texts explain why clothes were important to show someone's social status. The wealthiest people can buy noble fabric, like extravagant colored silk and golden laces. On the other hand, poor people had only brown linen and wool.
There was also a "clothing race". Each class tried to copy the class above. But it was a losing battle : the riches can easily buy a lot of different pieces and follow the trend.
"Please touch the wool !"
I'm like a child : to be allowed to use this sense in a museum is always pleasant !
One of the masterpiece of this exhibition : an authentic Fribourg's vest. The photo's quality is very bad, you can't see how meticulous the details are and how the colors were sumptuous !
You are rich and you want to show it ? So own a lot of different and luxurious vests ! Some men didn't hesitate to change it everyday.

In Switzerland, there was a gap between France. When the fashion of Louis XIV was over, the Swiss were still inside. It's the same with the "Empire" fashion. This difference can be see in other subjects, like architecture for example.
So this exhibition was quite big and there were a lot of interesting explanations ! There were also a lot of pictures where you can see the evolution of the fashion.
A ruff. They become bigger and bigger before being abandoned. 

Apart from the clothes and the paintings, there were also some furniture. Before, everything was put into a chest. The problem is that you need to pull everything out if you are searching for something ! So one began to use wardrobe. The nobles liked to expose some decorative items, so they preferred chest of drawers.

There were also shop's emblem : giant boots to signal a shoemaker for example. Indeed, most of the people can't read, nor write. A symbol is always easier to catch !

The last floor was about modern's fashion inspired by those eras. You can also try some costumes and wigs for fun !
Accessories' box.
Noble and me love this dressmaker's symbol ! It is inspired by a Nordic fairy tale !

After the visit, we went to the nice garden to take some pictures of us. The Sun was there too !
Because we were in Fribourg, I wanted to put some dark colors to go with the medieval atmosphere of this city. I think Noble and me go well together ! A deep red and a marin blue couple reunited by some black !
Noble & me ^__^

Outfit Rundown

Skirt : "Wolf in Frame" by The Snow Field
Blouse : "Fjord Blouse" d'Alice & the Pirates
Bolero & Overknees : Putumayo
To finish, we took an afternoon tea at the old station's café. Because the service was slow, Lion's decided to be our butler ! A real gentleman ! And it wasn't enough for him, he even treated us !  Thank you very much, Lion's ! =)

I really liked "Dress Code" and I'm glad I went with Lea, Lion's and the others ! Sad that Yume cannot came, she likes historical costumes so much !
I hope this little summary was pleasant to read ! Unfortunately, the exhibition is over now, but the museum edited a nice book if you're really interested ! ;-)

Thank you for reading ! See you soon !

Pyl ~