Wednesday, 23 April 2014

°~ O-Hanami ~°

Hello everybody !

Here I am, totally late, as habit ^__^' I hope you are enjoying Eastern time !

Some weeks ago, I asked my favourite photographer to celebrate "O-Hanami" with me. We went to the Arboretum de l'Aubonne, where you can see a lot of differents cherry trees. It was also the perfect time to take some Spring photos ! ^__^
It's raining cherry blossoms ! ~

°~ What is Hanami ? ~°

It is an ancient Japanese tradition born at Nara period (710-784). The nobles of the Imperial Court enjoyed the flowers of the Japanese plum (ume). But the cherry blossoms (sakura) gradually replaced them during Heian period (794-1185). In fact, their blossoming announced the rice-planting season and it is said that good spirits (kami) are living inside the trees. People would made offerings to them and drink sake to honor them.

"The Third Month, a Triptych" by Utagawa Toyoharu (known as one of Hiroshige's master).
Edo period, 1801. Collection of Museum of fine arts Boston (source).

Hanami became popular during Edo period (1600-1868) thanks to Emperor Saga who organized festivities with sake and meals under the cherry blossoms.
Because sakura are in bloom only for a week, it became the symbol of the fragility and the beauty of Life.
Nowadays, the Japanese are still looking forward the cherry blossom. After the weather report, there is a "sakura report", so you can follow the blossoming in all the country !
Family, friends and employees will often book a place under the trees to enjoy a picnic, to drink sake, to sing and to be reunited under the perfumed boughs ! It is a very popular and joyful feast to mark the beginning of Spring ! :)
Hanami in Japan =)
Hanami awlays attracted me. I find the symbol of sakura very romantic and I think it is very touching to share a meal with the one you love under the flowers. That's why I wanted to do more : to prepare a cute bentô (lunchbox) for my loved one !

°~ Le menu ~°

  • 2 onigiris (riceballs) : one with salmon and the other grilled with soy sauce.
  • 2 teriyaki chicken skewers : a big classic of the Japanese cuisine !
  • Eggs rolls with gruyère-cheese.
  • Mozzarella-tomatoes skewers
  • A lot of tiny vegetables to pick !
  • Genmacha tea : a typical Japanese green tea with grilled rice.
  • Daifuku with cherry blossom : glutinous rice cake.
  • Sake : of course !
About the dress, I choose a Wa-Lolita ouffit that I receive some weeks ago ! I like the tender green of it, it reminds me of Spring ! Also, there's no other Lolita sub-style more Japanese than Wa-Lolita ! All of those may be too much, but I really wanted to celebrate Hanami in my way. =)

Outfit Rundown

Dress : Fan Plus Friends
Flowers : Claire's
Socks : Bodyline
Shoes : On Taobao
We arrived near noon at the arboretum and we went to see the magnolias first. Some of the flowers were bigger than my hand ! I was impressed ! Of course, it was impossible to go further without taking pictures of those magnificent and ephemeral beauties !
Then, we came across the park to find the cherry blossoms. Surprise ! They are planted on a slope ! But we found a way to install ourself !
The sky was a little bit clouded over, but it wasn't cold. Sometimes, the wind was blowing and the pink petals wouls snow above our sake's cups. A gentle humming was coming above the flowers : some busy workers were avidly collecting their pollen.
After the meal, we did a photoshooting around different varieties of sakura. The Sun even came out at the end ! =)
It was a very special day for me, because my dream to celebrate Hanami came true ! I had a great picnic under the sakura, wearing Wa-Lolita and being  with the person I love the most in the world ! I will preciously keep those memories in my heart =)
Thank you for all you do for me, my dearest photographer !

And you reader : thanks for having a look at my blog ! See you soon !

Pyl ~


  1. Tu es superbe ! Le Wa Lolita se fait rare, parce que c'est un style plutôt dur je pense, mais tu le portes vraiment bien !
    J'ai aussi fêté hanami, mais j'en suis restée au yukata de mon coté uhuh

    1. Merci beaucoup ! Oui, je pense qu'il est difficile de le porter sans que cela fasse costume/cosplay ou trop exotique (dans mon cas, ça ne se voit pas trop ahah !).
      Oh c'est chouette que tu aies fêté Hanami aussi ! C'est vraiment un moment extraordinaire, à la fois zen et gai :)

  2. Tres Jolie *0* J'aime le coord!

  3. Your coordinate is adorable!!!! What a perfect hanami celebration.

  4. It seemed like you were in your best element and embrased it with the likings that you have to it. Your smile makes everything look lively & so calming to enjoy the sakura trees and flowers. Though this may be a past post. I enjoyed reading it and seeing how pretty you looked all in it. -Sincerely ❤ C

    1. Thank you very much ! Sakura are really beautiful ! And wearing Wa-Lolita makes me feel like I'm going back in times !