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°~ "Lolitas' Portraits : Modern Princesses" ~°

Good evening dear readers !

Today, I am very happy to present you a very important project. Indeed, I collaborate on it for more than one year now ! It is a serial of portraits of Lolitas from all the French-part of Switzerland, produced by the freelance photographer Natália Mansano !
Natália taking a picture of Iro.
We already had an exhibition in 2013, December. Still, it's not over, we have plenty of plans for our project ! Before getting further, here is a summary and the aims of "Portraits de Lolitas : Princesses modernes" (Lolitas' Portraits : Modern Princesses) !
The flyer for our first exhibition, created by Laurie.

°~ The photographer : Natália Mansano ~°

Natália working on a documentary.
Natália Mansano is a freelance photographer. Her last project took place in Brazil. Here, she followed the daily life of a traditional midwife, a parteira tradiciona. Those ladies work in precarious conditions, but they are the only one who can help pregnant women of the underprivileged environment. It was a very rich experience, but it was also quite emotional.
Copyright Natália Mansano. "Dona Zefa" project.
After she returned in Switzerland, she wanted to start a new project with a "lighter" theme.
One day, she saw some Lolita dresses in a shop and wondered where those colorful clothes came from and if some Swiss would actually wear them
Little by litlle, she finally found our community and presented her idea to us : she wanted to take 5 to 10 portraits of Lolitas, and next to the photographies, a personnal text would be explaining the reasons why we chose to wear this frilly style.

°~ The aims of the project ~°

Yume, her daughter and her dog.
  • To present Loltia Fashion to a wide public.
  • To give to anyone the keys to comprehend it, so it would avoid hasty social judgment.
  • To show the aesthetics wealth of this style.
  • To develop a talk about the freedom of expression and the freedom to wear what we want (lawful of course) in our modern democracy.
  •  To hilight the individual, often hidden behind a label.
  •  To give a new possible interpretation of the word "Lolita" in the West.
  • To redefine feminity and what it means today. That's why our subtitle is : "The freedom of being oneself trough a different feminity".

°~ Making-of ~°

I was the coordinator of the project. My tasks were to find out who was interested, to plan the photo shoots and to gather the texts. Other members were responsible of the translations, of the graphism and of the etablishment in the exhibition room.
Natália didn't want to only photograph some Lolitas, but she wanted to let them speak. To reach a maximum of people, she decided to do a billingual exhibition in French and German (the 2 principal languages in Switzerland).
Tsukiyo and Maylis.
To complete the personnal texts, we wanted to explain the Lolita Fashion in a documentary way (history, origins, etc.). So I wrote a text that can be seen as the common thread of the exhibition.
In the end, a lot of Lolitas were interested by this project and instead of 10 portraits, it was 21 personns who passed in front of Natália's camera ! Also, she said she would finish the project in 6 months, but it took more than one year !
The most fantastic thing is that almost everything was done by the Lolitas of the community ! It was a hard but incredible team work !

°~ Première at Fribourg ~°

The exhibition's entrance.
Natália found a gallery reserved for Fribourg's artists only, named "Espace 25". Located in a boulevard and with a big and nice window, in a billingual state, it was the perfect place to begin. The graphics and the installations were done by the members of the community. Thank you very much, guys !

A part of the room, at day.
"La Télé" TV Channel give us the permission to broadcast a little report by Lucie Notari.
Click here to see it on Youtube (in French).

During the vernissage, more than 50 personns came to see the portraits and the texts. There was a little animation with cucpcakes, a lot of good food and everything went alrgith ! A wonderful reweard for our team !
Cupcakes by Les Cupcakes de Daphné.
Visitors during the vernissage.
Little speech ! Stress !
The exhibition lasted for 10 days and had about 20 visitors per day. It is very good for a little exhibition like that ! We can say that more than 200 people passed by. It was really touching, because even people who enter by accident were interested by our world and ask a lot of pertinent questions. The discussions were captivating ! :)

°~ To be continued ! ~°

2014 is the 150th Anniversery between Switzerland and Japan's diplomatic relations. It is a good opportunity for Natália to present her project.
Currently, some photos can be seen at the famous Textilmuseum of St-Gall, in the wonderful exhibition "Edelweiss & Cherry Blossom".

A selection of Natália's work in the Textilmuseum.
Photo by Mara.

In Neuchâtel, The ethnography museum took some photos for their future exhibition "Imagine Japan" that will start in June.

Apart from those good new, we want to expose again the original project with all the photos ans the texts. We are searching for some galleries.
If you want to read and see "Lolita's Portraits", you can on Natália's website. Go under "Fashion", then "Portraits de Lolitas". If you clikc on it, the main text will appear. If you let the mouse without clicking on it, you can choose the gallery of one of the 21 Lolitas and their text.

A last one : Anne-Christine.
I will regulary write about this project. It is something very important to me. It helps me to better understand the other Swiss Lolitas and to meet my friend Natália, a woman full of humanity and sensibility. :)

Natália and I :)
Stay tunned ! Thank you for your reading (and sorry for my terrible English ! ^^; ) !

Pyl ~

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