Friday, 16 May 2014

°~ My favorite 3 pairs of Lolita shoes (LBC) ~°

Hello everybody !

I'm glad to announce that I have been accepted by the group "Lolita Blog Carnival" ! It's a circle of Lolita bloggers who vote each week for a common subject to blog. The participation is optional and any member can propose a theme.

This week, we are talking about an essential accessory, the shoes ! We had to present our 3 favorites ones. So this post will be lighter than usual. However, I hope you'll like it ! :) Let's begin !
My fav ones ^__^

°~ Black Platforms ~°

I always loved plateforms shoes. They give us some centimeters without sore feet. And they haven't the clichés of the heels-shoes.

When I was a teen, I had the dream to own a pair of Buffalo. Finally, I receive a pair of New Rock that goes on clubbing with me.

To come back to Lolita, those shoes are the one I wear the most. They are quite old because of that, but I think they still look ok. There is just one missing button. Since I lost it, I don't wear this pair so often. I need to find a way to repair it... :-/

The little bows can be removed, but I think I will glue them later. I love those shoes so much that I would be capable of buying another pair, just in case of ! xD
You can see me wearing them in this old post and in this one.

°~ Mint Tea Parties ~°

Tea Parties are THE Lolita shoes. Soft colours, cute bows and a round tip. They have an irresistible innocent look.

My first pair is mint, a colour that I like to wear in Lolita. They are copies from Angelic Pretty, but I think they are fine.
A little concern : they become easily dirty because of the colour. Also, they are a little bit damaged, because I walk a lot in parks with ! Like the black ones, I like to wear them out of Lolita from time to time. Because they are so cute !

I think I will order a baby blue pair soon. :)

°~ Mature Brown ~°

This time, those are copies from Alice and the Pirates. As you can see, I don't really like shoes with high heels.

Tough they may look like traditionnal Tea Parties, they appeared more mature thanks to the little ruffle in my opinion. The tiny gold heart on the bows are like icing on the cake !

Again, comfort is very important to me and this pair is perfect and really beautiful. :) They look nice on Classic Lolita for example. Maybe have you notice them in my Hanami's coordination ? ;-)

That's all for today ! Thank you for passing by ! If you want to see more shoes, just click those links below ! See you soon !

Pyl ~

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