Saturday, 28 June 2014

°~ Ruban Rose's Tombola ~°

Good evening everybody !

I put aside my blog those last weeks, sorry ! It's because the weather was so good, it would be a crime to stay inside ! =D But here I am again with new exciting adventures to tell !
To begin with, this post is about a fabulous picnic from the 7th June (yes, I'm late xD) ! ~
It was the first time I put this wonderful Japanese jumperskirt ! I love it !
Our host, always pretty and elegant like no one else !
Thanks to her for letting me use certain of her photos in this post !

Ruban Rose is certainly the most skilled Sweet-Classic Lolita I know. She went to Japan and decided to organize a tombola once in Switzerland again. The prices were small little cute things and the event was in Geneva. She is so adorable ! ;w;

We met at the train station. I was a little bit late, because I was baking my cupcakes ^__^'. Before going, I draw a card and I got the number 10 !
The buses were very hot and full of people, but the trip was worthy. Indeed, Ruban Rose took us to one of the most beautiful park of Geneva, "le parc des Eaux-Vives" ! There were roses, majestuous trees and even a pond with turtoises ! *___*

We install ourselves under the trees and eat little sandwiches, a fresh taboulé, coconut rocks, apricot muffins and my cupcakes, made of chocolate and matcha. =)

After the lunch, the tombola began ! Cute erasers, candies and useful accessories awaited for us ! The first personn who was drew can choose the price first :)
Tombola in an Angelic Pretty's bag, eheh !
First winner !
Last one, but found a cute gift ! :D
Then, we played the "post-it game". The personn right to you will stick a paper with the name of a character. You have to guess who you are by asking questions. But be careful, because the other can only answer by "yes" or "no" and if it's "no", you pass your turn.
It was super fun ! And strangely, the most easy character were the most difficult one to guess ! xD
Anne  was "Dita von Teese". I like her cute hamster face on this pic !
Mana-sam was "Pikachu" ! :D
And about me, I was "Professeur Tournesol" from "Tintin"!

After the game, we packed our things and went near the roses for some photos. :)
Because the event was organized by Ruban Rose who came back in Switzerland after her trip in Japan, I wanted to be in the subject with my cupcakes, but also with my coordination. I choose my Wa-Lolita jumperskirt that I found on an auction site. It was one of my very first dream dress, so I feel totally lucky to have paid it -3x its original price ! I love this dress very much !
I tried to make a new hairstyle with a very loose bun.

°~ Outfit Rundown ~°

Jumperskirt : Metamorphose
Blouse : Anna House
Bag : Gabor
Shoes & Socks : Bodyline
Finally, we visited the park and went to see the turles. We went together to the bus, while talking joyfully. Mana-Sam take me back home with his car and we listened to some 80-90's music ! It was great ! :D
The group ! I was behind the camera :)
It was a perfect day, with plenty of surprises, a nice weather and amazing coordinations ! A wonderful metting to celebrate the Summer ! Thank you very much, Ruban Rose, for the organisation of this very special event !
My gifts ! Ruban Rose wanted to put useful accessories  ^___^

Thank you for reading, see you soon !

Pyl ~