Thursday, 3 July 2014

°~ To Complete the Project ~°

Hi everybody !

Lately, I showed you our project "Lolitas' Portraits : Modern Princesses". Thanks to the success we had, Natália wanted to complete the exhibition with new participants. Here are the new ones and some pictures of the making-of ! :)
Natália Mansano working with Noble.

°~ The New Participants ~°

  • Noble : Natália wanted the point of view from a Lolita that is both in the French-speaking and German-speaking Lolita community. Noble is 100% from Fribourg, so she totally know what "cultures diversity" means ! Furthermore, she likes Aristocrat Lolita style and we don't have of this substyle in its "pure" form yet. The places we choosed for her were the old city of Fribourg and the bank of the Sarine (the river that separates the French of the German speaking part of Switzerland).

  • Cho Yu : Living for the cosplay, Cho Yu is also interested by Steampunk, then Ouji and Dandy (the male alter ego of Lolita). Her creativity and her way to wear clothes as an opportunity to express herself can add some interesting questions about fashion. The old woodstairs and the old-city of Fribourg were perfect to match her copper accessories.
  • Sveta : The favourite style of Natália is Wa-Lolita, a modified Japanese kimono to fit Lolita. I directly thought about Sveta who loves it and wears it like a real lady. She was very happy to join us at the botanical garden ! Unfortunately, the flowers were still sleeping, but not our brilliant Sveta !

  • Geni : She was initially in the project, but she went on a language-learning trip. Once she returned after her rich experience, we invited her again. Geni has a very particular to wear and to think Lolita. She is not afraid to try audacious mixes. Her point of view about fashion was surely interesting ! Because she loves contrast, I selected a modern and very urban quarter so she can have fun.
  • Ruban Rose : Her favourite brand is Angelic Pretty (the sweetest brand), but her coordinations are though very feminine and mature ! That's why I ask her to join our project, because she is the proof that Sweet and Classic Lolita can be blend together to create our own world ! To immortalize her outfit, we went near the big pavilion.
To gain time, the rendezvous was settled in Fribourg, Natália's city. Apart being a photographer, she is also a mother and has another job. It was certainly the most condensed photoshooting, but also one of the funniest ! Here are some pics of the backstage of this amusing Sunday !

°~ An United Community ~°

There is a personn who helped us a lot to translate the texts from French to German and it was Mara. She is not only very talented in languages, but she is also very skillful in sewing. That seduced Natália and she asked her in April to be the last participant of our project, the icing on the cake !

She is from the German-speaking Lolita Group (Sous-Sol des Sacharine - SsdS), but she also participates a lot to the French-speaking community. From then on, she can speak about the bond between the Lolitas in Switzerland and the challenges we overcomed together.
Her session was in Bern, Switzerland's head and also Mara's city. We went to the Rosengarten to immortalize her 100% handmade outfit. Here are the pics of the backstage !

So, the photos are done ! There are still a lot to do before showing the new version of "Portraits de Lolitas" to the public !
Again, I would like to thank my dear Natália for this project, the participants, everyone who helped and helps us and the one who supports us !

Selfie with Mara after the photoshooting !
To help Natália, I prefer to be off-Lolita, so I can move and work faster.
See you soon for new adventures ! Thank you for reading :) !

Pyl ~